Down comforters are warm, affectionate and extremely comfortable. Straight down comforters are superior in the amount of warmth they provide. No man-made material can compare to down when it comes to warmness. You will discover differing levels of warmth and quality.

When ever shopping for a down comforter the main thing to consider is the fill power. Great quality fill power is between 500 and 700. The higher the load power, the warmer the down comforter will be. High fill power does indeed not mean huge bedding. With a high load power, less down is required to fill the same amount of space, thereby making the down comforter light weight. Some people think that the more weight they have on top of them, the warmer they shall be. In reality they may not be as warm and comfortable as though they were under a down comforter. The weight on top of one is cumbersome, so one challenges to move around. Not really a very restful rest. Others, who don’t want the weight, believe that they will be warmer if each uses an electric blanket and turn the heat up a lot. The only truth to this is that electric blanket are magnetic fields and may cause increased pain at evening. There is a misconception that grey down is superior to white down or the other way round. This myth is merely that, a myth. The color of the down makes no difference in the warmth of a down comforter.

Down is not simply the feathers of the goose or duck, however the undercoating of these waterfowl parrots. The more mature the bird, the higher the quality of down. Most down comforters should have stitching, whether it be baffle box, precious stone box, or a simple package design across the bed comforter to keep the down in place and not allow it to shift to the outer edges of the bed comforter. This keeps the down evenly distributed over you. Down traps the air in each section, thereby keeping you warmer. A down comforter keeps you warm by insulating you and keeping your system heat in. Down wicks the moisture away from your system, which adds to the warmth factor. Fluffing your down comforter is a good idea to distinguish any down that could have settled, consequently keeping you warmer.

How do you care for your best down comforter? Dry up cleaning is the best method of cleaning your bed comforter. Dry cleaners charge a great deal of money to clean your down comforter. Some feathers and down will be poking out by the time your take the comforter to the dry cleansing agents. If you envision the dry cleaner being able to push the down and down back to the comforter, as I performed, you’re sadly mistaken. Putting it back in cannot be done. It should be removed, thereby, removing a good deal of the warmth of your down comforter. How do people control to keep down comforters, in good condition, for years? That’s where a duvet comes in. You cover your down comforter with a duvet, which generally buttons closed. The duvet not only defends your comforter from dirt and grime and oil but it also keeps those little feathers and particles of down in the bed comforter.

The higher the thread count on your original comforter cover or the duvet that you put over it means the softer the comforter is. The duvet not only protects, but it can be used to redecorate your bedroom. Actually an alternative down bed comforter can use a duvet because the man-made materials has a tendency to sneak out over time.

Warmth and comfort being the key goal, comforters made with synthetic materials, man-made materials cannot compare or compete with down comforters.