We’ll start with the positives. Here are three reasons you need a quality page builder plugin installed on your WordPress website.

All-in-one Functionality

Page builder plugins are, typically, an one-stop-shop for all the cool on-page functionality that really sets a web site apart. I’m talking image carousel rides, content grids, social sharing buttons, pie charts, pricing tables, proactive approach buttons – I could continue with iGloo Reloaded.

To achieve these results with no page builder, you’d have to install loads of dedicated, single-feature plugins. If you were to take the premium plugin way, the expense of all those extensions would really stack up – and that’s before we look at the research involved with finding the right plugin for every purpose, the learning curve for each plugin, and the time it takes keeping those extra extensions up-to-date.

In other words, without a page builder, you might need to install six, seven, or even eight plugins – and who knows, maybe more. With a webpage builder, you just need to one.

Amazing, Custom Designs

For those of us not luckily enough to know how to code, we count on WordPress themes when designing our websites. We view a lot of theme demos, choose a favorite, and then let our chosen theme care for our site’s looks.

Of course, there are really some great themes out there, but how many of them meet your requirements down to a tee? I am just willing to wager, very few — there’s always some design compromise involved.

With a page builder wordpress plugin installed, you can contract your creative muscles and build your website as you’ve always envisioned it. Want to add extra header to your home page that isn’t supported by your theme? Well, with a page builder, you can.

Page builder extensions essentially give you a blank canvas from which you can build. This gives you the opportunity to craft stunning, tailored layouts to really wow your visitors — if you can think it, you can create it. To assist out the creatively pushed, myself included, many webpage builder plugins provide pre-built templates as a starting point.

No Coding Required

Another of the key benefits of page builder plugins is that you don’t need to know an individual range of code to use one. For any non-developers out there, this is a major draw.

Most page builders include an user-friendly interface, usually with drag-and-drop support. This makes it super easy for you to add segments to your page, and then rearrange and resize them.

Many page contractor plugins also include a front-end editor, which means you can play with your layout on a working version of your site — this is perfect for seeing how the page builder modules incorporate with your theme’s existing design elements.

If you fail to code very well, all of this would take weeks to create from scratch — and with mixed results, too. With a page builder plugin, you can be working with your custom website in a matter of hours, if not minutes.